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Born on the island of Lindau on Lake Constance in 1958, Haubi Haubner lives and works in Freiburg (GER). He is experienced in crafting street art, graffiti in the 1980s and finished training as a textile print pattern designer and screen printer. After a serious accident and operation on both shoulders, he began drawing graphics in order to regain the mobility of his hands in 2016. His hand drawn and sprayed ink and acrylic images have been affected by pop art, comic art, surrealism, contemporary art, street art & urban art influences. His distinctive style and multi-layered selection of topics have always allowed him to discuss not only philosophical aspects but also socio-political themes. The idea of peace, environmental pollution, digital media, self–discovery, life in our consumer society and life itself and after all infinity/finiteness. Relevant and timeless at once. Haubi Haubner's art can be seen in print media, on web media (Instagram @ICONseee), art prints, signature skateboards, t-shirts, street stickers, buttons and postcards.

2017 FREIBURG / Baden-Württemberg (GER) / GLASHAUS: first solo exhibition POP ART / STREET ART – printed on paper and textile with about 300 visitors on the main evening, where Haubi Haubner also plays a DJ-Set.

2018 FREIBURG / Baden-Württemberg (GER) / GLASHAUS: solo exhibition of his sixteen-part SERIE NUMBERS, with this he develops a distinctive style, influenced by cave painting, egyptian hieroglyphics and street art. About 350 visitors on the main evening, where Haubi Haubner also plays a DJ-Set.

2018 BERLIN / international press conference GLOBAL NET - STOP THE ARMS TRADE (www.gn-stat.org) at which graphics by Haubi Haubner are presented. He still works as an illustrator for the NGO. As a peace artist, Haubi Haubner's works for NGOs such as GLOBAL NET - STOP THE ARMS TRADE (GER), WORLD PEACE FOUNDATION (USA), RÜSTUNGSINFORMATIONSBÜRO (GER, AUT) show his international effect.

2018 FRANKENBERG / Hessen (GER) / ATELIER KONTRAST²: solo exhibition of his sixteen-part SERIE NUMBERS. The exhibition is extended to ten weeks.

2019 ART AWARD KUNSTPREIS WORPSWEDE: Haubi Haubner‘s graphic of the SERIES QUEST - NEW MEDIA GODDESS is nominated for the Art Award KUNSTPREIS WORPSWEDE 2019, which is advertised internationally.

2019 HANNOVER / Niedersachsen (GER) / VILLA ARTISTA: group exhibition of the nominated artists Art Award KUNSTPREIS WORPSWEDE 2019 with Haubi Haubner‘s graphic of the SERIES QUEST - NEW MEDIA GODDESS. Always in search of a graphic meta-level, he focusses now exclusively on philosophical questions with this series.

2019 BERLIN / press conference INTERNATIONAL PEACE BUREAU: (Nobel Peace Prize 1910) at which graphics by Haubi Haubner are presented.

2020 HESSEN (GER) / KUNST PRIVAT: art initative of Ministry of Economics Hessen and the galleries of Hessen & Rheinland-Pfalz e.V. Special exhibition with Haubi Haubner‘s ten-part SERIES QUEST and also four works of his METAMORPHOSIS series can be seen in a separate room at ART COLLECTION NEUSCHÄFER – Elektronik GmbH in Frankenberg (Marburg). Postponed because of Corona.

2020 ITALY / GENOVA / PALAZZO DUCALE CONTEMPORARY ART EXHIBITION - SOMETHING FOR YOU: group exhibition with works of Haubi Haubner‘s Instagram – art project @ICONseee. Here, hand-drawn and sprayed images are united with digital graphic design and street art to the extended idea of ICONseee.

2020 ITALY / GENOVA / PALAZZO DUCALE CONTEMPORARY ART EXHIBITION - IN MY MIND: on this group exhibition Haubi Haubner shows works of his SERIES QUEST and the METAMORPHOSIS series. The exhibition in the historical PALAZZO DUCALE is curated by Loredana Trestin.

2020-2021 ITALY GIFTS OF ART - 4th EDITION: this art event which takes place annually in the renowned GALLERY CAEL in Milan and in the historical art temple PALAZZO DUCALE in Genova is curated by Loradana Trestin and Maria Cristina Bianchi. Haubi Haubner is guest here with works of his METAMORPHOSIS series and his Instagram – art project @ICONseee.
YouTube: GIFTS OF ART – Genova, artworks by Haubi Haubner

2021 ITALY / MILAN / M.A.D.S. GALLERY KROMATIC@RT: the famous M.A.D.S. GALLERY in Milan realized with KROMATIC@RT their first fully digital exhibition on two floors with this permanent extraordinary digital set-up. Haubi Haubner is a part of it with a work from his METAMORPHOSIS series.


M.A.D.S. Art Gallery / Milan, Italy
Palazzo Ducale - Divulgarti Group / Genova, Italy


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„Kunst ist die einzige revolutionäre Kraft, weil sie auf menschlicher Kreativität, auf Selbstbestimmung und auf Selbstverwaltung basiert. Mit dieser Idee von Kunst könnte Demokratie eines Tages Wirklichkeit werden.“

„Some people want to make the world a better place. I just want make the world a better-looking place. If you don‘t like it, you can paint it over!“

„Everything is Art, Everything is Politics.“

„Do it or do it not, there is no try“
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